Corporate Governance 

Parkston Lawyers assists companies through investigations issued by various government regulators, including ASIC, ACCC, ATO & Consumer Affairs Victoria.

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Governance and your responsibilities

Directors of Australian companies have serious responsibilities and those responsibilities are heavily regulated by the Corporations Act. Failure by the director of an Australian company to carry out their duties in accordance with corporations law requirements can result in severe consequences for the director, including being sued and having government regulators such as the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) carry out investigations and civil or criminal prosecutions.

Choose experienced Corporate Governance Lawyers

Our lawyers have advised numerous directors of their duties and assisted them in implementing best practice corporate governance models to ensure that they comply with those duties. We have also assisted directors and their companies through investigations issued by various government regulators, including ASIC, the ACCC, the ATO and Consumer Affairs Victoria. If you are facing an investigation from a government regulator it is important to obtain advice from a lawyer who is experienced in dealing with such investigations. Parkston Lawyers has significant experience in assessing the potential merits of a regulatory investigation or proceedings arising out of such investigations. We will work with you to develop effective strategies to either strongly defend an investigation or any proceedings, or to negotiate a favourable outcome with the regulator. We have also provided advice to shareholders of both public and private companies and have taken action on their behalf against directors who may not have been acting in a company’s best interests, and who may have breached their directors’ duties.

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