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The Property Legal Team at Parkston Lawyers can assist you with every property law transaction and requirement. Property Law encompasses a lot more than just the sale and purchase of properties. While conveyancers can assist you with buying and selling land, they cannot advise you about a range of other property law matters. Those matters may include advice about issues as diverse as the following:

Capital gains tax (CGT), GST and stamp duty consequences of buying or selling a property.

As a buyer or a seller you need to know whether these taxes will apply to their transaction and whether any exemptions or concessions may apply from the ATO or the State Revenue Office to reduce the amount of tax payable.

Applying to your local council to remove a restriction such as a covenant, easement or a section 173 agreement.

If you are a buyer and want to develop the land or build on it, you want to know whether an easement or a restrictive covenant will stop you from being able to move forward with your building plans.

Advice about town planning and building restrictions.

Council may have subdivision restrictions that may impose a restriction on minimum lot sizes. There may also be planning overlays or other restrictions that restrict or prohibit your ability to use or develop the land in the way you intended to.

Advice about owners corporation rules and requirements.

Relevant questions are whether the owners corporation has obtained insurance for common property? Will any special levies be struck? Is the Owners Corporation involved in any court proceedings?

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