During these uncertain times with COVID-19 changing the global landscape, it is important to engage in forward planning to ensure that your loved ones are not left with an added burden if you pass away unexpectedly.

Having a will ensures that the process of dealing with your deceased estate is easier for your executor and that they can apply for probate of your estate.

A person who passes away without a will passes ‘intestate.’ What that means is that it will take your loved ones longer to get access to your funds and assets. This process is known as obtaining ‘letters of administration.’ The process is more complex, more costly and time consuming when compared to a probate application.

A will gives you the ability to decide how you want your assets distributed. It also allows you to decide who will act as your legal representative (known as executor). These are important matters that you should not overlook.

Our legal team can assist you in preparing a will that will deal with your estate exactly as you desire. Our team can also assist with preparing all relevant documents for either probate or letters of administration. We can also lodge those documents on your behalf and ultimately obtain either a grant of probate or administration of your estate.